FaceTime allows children  to make video calls. This app has huge
potential for collaborative learning. For example, children could
use FaceTime to interview someone who is from another place or country
who could be an expert in a particular area.

In order to FaceTime with someone, they just have to do this by key in their email address.

Integrating Face Time into children’s learning always bring impact as children could see and talk over to the other person no matter where the person is. I have found one of the websites, called LD RESOURCES which talks about using FACE TIME to Teach and Communicate. You may CLICK into it in finding more how FACE TIME could be integrated into lessons as well as how it benefits and maximize children’s learning. 

In one of my lessons during the 15 days of Professional Practice, I did try to integrate it into classroom as the lesson required children to conduct an interview with a mother from Swedish. It was for children to learn more about Swedish culture as well as how families celebrations were celebrated. The interview was conducted in a very wonderful way in the very beginning, however, it was spoiled due to the connection failure of the mother’s area. FaceTime only can be supported when there is a good WIFI connection. Children and I were so disappointed over this.

Lesson learnt for this, as teacher, I should always ensuring everything before the lesson starts, even the connection of the another side of the mother should also be ensured that it would be in good condition. 

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