Obvious success!

One of the most obvious successes in the implementation of the lessons during my professional practice was the integration of iPads into children’s learning. With the sufficient amount of iPads, children were able access it individually without any problems. In addition, they were highly exposed to the usage of iPads such as the touch screen features at their homes respectively. There were two specific apps that were used, namely, Little Story Maker App and Drawing Free App. These tools were used to assist children in representing and expressing their ideas in a variety of ways. The success of integrating Little Story Maker app into children’s learning about ‘My Family’ could be clearly seen from Lesson One whereby the children created photo stories of themselves from past to present (from baby to preschooler).  From the lesson, it is known that children were given opportunities to apply their knowledge, sequencing and ordering skills that they have learnt and to present it to the rest of the class. The learning outcomes of the lessons were met and the feedback from my mentor was great. In addition, it enhanced children’s learning in seeing the pattern of human’s physical growth from birth to becoming preschooler. This is truly a successful one. 

While browsing through the internet, I have found one great blogpost, named Bloom’s Taxonomy and iPad Apps. It provides us a list of a wide variety of Apps available which matches the levels in Bloom’s Taxonomy. You may check it out. 

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