Get to know your CHILDREN

I have selected Google Forms as one of my interest topics! I’ve been using Google for mails as well Google Drive so many years and now only I get to know there is a TOOL named Google Forms which easily helping the teachers in designing an assessment. After reading  Scott’s blog post, I roughly got an idea of what is Google Form. 

Reading from Jennifer’s blogpost, I get to discover Tom Barrett who is a teacher from England has been incorporating  Google Forms into classroom assessment. Here is a link to his blog ‘10 Google Forms for the classroom’ that outlines how he is achieving this great blend of rich ICT experiences into everyday learning and assessment.

Out of ten, there is an example which I want to try implementing it for my children next week. That is “Get To Know Your Class”. It is about gathering some indication from my new class about children’s likes and dislikes, their favorite lessons or their favorite hobbies. I think it will help me to build my relationships with children as I quickly learn more about them.

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