Authentic Learning

In the week 9 learning path, we are given an article to read entitled “Authentic Learning Supported by Technology: Ten suggestions and cases of integration in classrooms” by Jan Herrington & Lisa Kervin. Amy, one of my coursemates, she too have read the article and she has made a brief summary for us to read. From her point of view, the most important criteria in creating authentic learning is the environment. As for me, I have selected one of the principles of Authentic Learning with Technology, namely PROFESSIONAL LEARNING to discuss on.

I have found out an online community of practice named the “BEST” site: Beginning and Establishing Successful Teachers (described in detail in The BEST site on the Internet: An online resource for Beginning and Establishing Successful Teachers) has been established for primary and early childhood teachers. The site is organized within significant problem or issues identified by beginning teachers, with tools that enable support, communication and reflection (Herrington & Kervin, 2007).

I have also found something amazing that in this site, a mentor will be assigned for each major problem. These mentors are exemplary teachers recognized by the Australian College of Educators. They are qualified! These expert teachers volunteer their time to assist by providing advice and support on a regular basis (Herrington, Herrington & Kervin, 2005). Clearly, we can see that the beginning teachers like us are really benefited in this area.

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