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Backward Design has been introduced by David in Week 4 Study desk. I have also come across one of my coursemate’s blogpost which talks about her findings on Backward Design and she was amazed at this model. 

From what I’ve learnt from the video on backward design, it is different from the traditional way of planning lessons plan whereby the teachers start planning the content topic followed by activities and assessment. Designing lesson plans based on Backward Design the teachers begin at the end such as those skills and understandings that students are to learn by the end of the lessons and work backward to where most teachers start. It simply means that the choices about teaching methods, sequence of lessons and resource materials can be successfully completed only after we identify desired results and assessments.

According to Wiggins & McTighe (1998), the educator starts with goals, creates or plans out assessments and finally makes lesson plans in backward design. Backward design is viewed as the process to using a “road map”. In this case, the destination is chosen first and then the road map is used to plan the trip to the desired destination. In contrast, in traditional curriculum planning there is no formal destination identified before the journey begins. This model translates these three areas of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy into a planning process.


 These are the three stages in this model



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